The best customized Spinners in Saudi Arabia

The Fidget Spinner is the perfect anti-stress that

you can take everywhere with you!

For Who ?

For people who fidget a lot meaning that they tend to make small movements with their hands or feet which expresses impatience or nervousness.

For people who tend to play with pen, balls or whatever they find.

For people who are stressed.

For people who have difficulties being focused.

The best customized fidget spinner

With three bearings surround the center bearing. All fits are pressure fit and will stay in. Our spinner are made in Saudi

  • Great Toy, Brand new with all colours !
  • Find yourself fidgeting, well this is the toy for you.
  • Using great bearings, the middle one is a Hybrid Ceramic Bearing, For Ultra Smooth Spin.
  • High Performance Bearing for Extremely Fast and Long Spin Times.

Also there is the option to just buy the “fidget work” and then you can fit your own bearing